Bring Us Your Tough Applications Performance Issues, from BriForum 2005

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2005.

Session Description: This session will focus upon the unique challenges in delivering consistently excellent applications performance to your Citrix users. Bernd Harzog will make a brief presentation on these unique challenges, and a panel of vendor experts will each be given 5 minutes to explain how they address these challenges. The floor will then be opened to the audience to allow you to present Bernd and the vendors with your toughest applications performance management challenges. Note that the focus of this session is not CPU Management and Memory Management, but rather how to monitor Citrix and Citrix hosted applications so that you can provide high service levels to your users. Vendors participants on the panel will include the CTO’s of VIEO, eG Innovations, Lakeside Software, Premitech and Identify Software.

Presented by: Bernd Harzog

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