Brian Madden TV episode 5 - Symantec ManageFusion 2009 wrap up

Brian spent this week at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas attending Symantec ManageFusion 2009, where Symantec officially announced their Enpoint Virtualization Suite, cementing their place in the desktop and application virtualization world. In this week's episode of Brian Madden TV, Brian and Gabe discuss:

  • An overview and impressions of the ManageFusion event
  • Symantec's new Endpoint Virtualization Suite
  • Does Symantec have what it takes to be a real competitor in the desktop virtualization space?
  • The challenges Symantec will face

Like past episodes of Brian Madden TV, this week features several videos with interviews and demos, including:

  • Randy Cook, inventor of SVS, talking about the new Symantec Workspace Virtualization product
  • Brian Duckering, discussing and demoing Symantec Workspace Streaming
  • Brian Lynah, former president of nSuite, discussing Symantec's connection broker products called Workspace Corporate and Workspace Remote
  • Kevin Goodman, CEO of RTO Software, discussing Symantec Workspace Profiles
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I couldn't see that well in the demo, but does the nSuite Remote only display in a browser?  Can you have a seamless window of the desktop?


nSuite is just a connection broker, so seamless windows, etc., is dictated by the capabilities of whatever back-end system you're connecting too.

So in the "Corporate" version (the inside the firewall edition), the nSuite client is running locally and full screen, and you authenticate and it connects you to a remote full screen desktop (but with the capability for the reverse-seamless style access to local apps).

For the "Remote" edition which is the web-browser version, it's just full desktop unless you have TS 2008 or citrix or whatever.