Brian Madden TV episode 3 - VMworld Europe 2009 news & wrap up

VMworld Europe 2009 took place this week in Cannes, France. Brian's been at the show all week talking to folks and blogging. In this episode of Brian Madden TV, Brian and Gabe discuss the big news and cool things from the show, including what (we think) is the first public video of VMware's software-only PC-over-IP implementation!

Specific topics covered are:

In the video, I said that I'd post a link to the VMworld video demo of the mobile phone hypervisor. Unfortunately, I can't find that link. So if anyone reading this finds that video, please email me the link and I'll post it.


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Most informative video from VMWorld I've seen so far..excellent work guys..!


Hi Brian,

It was good to meet you yesterday. Jjust wanted to mention that Project Independence is Citrix' Client bare-metal hypervisor...just for those people who only read the text and not watch the video.



good video! much better than the twitter crap :-)


Wow.. our heads sure are big! Sorry about that... Remember this show is still in beta. :)

I also accidentally forgot to plug my microphone into the camera, so the audio for my half is via the internal camera mic... And then there's that part at 17:00 that we forgot to edit out....

But I think we're making progress!


I think the bits where you actually let the Vendors speak and demo their product is the exact reason I come to this blog... Vendor Independence


Hey Brian,

I noticed that Warren and he mentioned he was using Fusion with the 2 VM's, but then you cut out the part where transitioned to the PC=>IP.  was this transition done within Fusion or did he go into Boot Camp for this?  If he used Fusion, then did he run a Windows VM which then used the RDP + PC=>IP to connect the hosted desktop? I'm just curious to see we can expect any new features with Fusion that will be geared toward this PC=>IP solution, or any other enterprise desktop features.


For Warren's demo.. sorry if my edit made it a bit confusing.. The demo had nothing to do with Fusion. It's just that Warren is a Mac user, so it just happened that he was using Fusion. The demo was between two Windows VMs. One was running the PC-over-IP host agent (i.e. it was acting like the remote VDI VM), and the other was running the View PC-over-IP software client.


Great stuff. Can any of these technologies get Flash vids working on an iPhone? :) Hmmmmmm...


We're working on that too. We use Brightcove for the video platform. Brightcove just launched Version 3 of their platform which supports automatic creation of iPhone versions of content, as well as APIs for creating iPhone-based webpages and apps and all sorts of things.

However, Brightcove 3 is very different from the previous version, and a lot of people (including TechTarget) are still on Brightcove 2. So the short answer is "yes", we will have iPhone / iPod Touch support, but we don't know when.

Someone asked about an MP3 / podcast version of each show. That's easier to do and we should have that within the next few weeks.


I think Russell was referring to getting video on the iPhone through the cellphone hypervisor an PC-over-IP host agent application for the iPhone.


Great job guys.  Very good recap of the show.


Surprised that there was no  no mention of the Free XenServer annoucement and impact that has on our industry. Now for those of us that manage apps and desktops have to really think about which hypervisor when working out TCO etc in our respective organizations. Does one continue to pay for VC and VMotion etc. How about support as well, has anybody here tries to get a Windows problem solved by MS and told them you are running ESX etc. How complex do you want to mae things, and please make our lifes easier through better support. Anyway good wrap up, apart from this ommision, hhopefully Brian will cover more on this topic when he is at MS next week.


I found a video on youtube that shows the VMWare MVP:

This looks really cool.. and as she is saying in the video, you can actually have your private and work phone on the same phone.. cool..:)


Excellent presentation at the show..I attended your 3.30 session to end my Cannes experience.

Nice to see someone challenge the perception that VDI is the new god out there...I was constantly checking for the red dot on your forehead throughout the session :-)...Thanks for making my last session such a great memory of a great Conference.


Hi brain I attended the VMware Tec Day in India, they explained me about the desktop viewer v3 and I got to know that they are using the UDP (universal printer driver) for printer architecture inside the Desktop viewer. Is this same that Citrix is using for them?