Brian Madden TV episode 1 - 2008 year in review

Here's our first ever Brian Madden TV show! (Read Brian's blog post explaining what this is all about.) In this episode, Brian and Gabe review the big events, trends, and themes of the desktop and application virtualization space from 2008. Show topics included:

  • Acquisitions that took place in 2008, including VMware / Thinstall; Microsoft / Calista and Kidaro; Symantec / Nsuite, Altiris, Appstream;and Red Hat / Qumranet.
  • Microsoft entering the VDI space
  • Vista's popularity and application compatibility problems
  • VMware View 3
  • Microsoft VECD
  • Terminal Server being renamed to Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft making the commitment that Windows remote experience will be as good as Windows running locally
  • And of course, BriForum

Since this is our first-ever show, it's a little rough around the edges. (For example, we didn't think about allowing for space for the commercials when we recorded it, so they're just kind of stuck in there.) But we got it recorded, got the website set up, and had a lot of fun in the process.

Tune in next Thursday for Brian Madden TV episode 2, which will be recorded onsite at VMworld Europe 2009 in Cannes, France.


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nice job guys


Nice show look fwd to more.

One minor correction App-V is not a solution for OS compat (vista). As your correctly mentioned Med-V provides this function (via running xp as a guest).

Med-V beta isnt bad... although seamless windows vs fullscreen is achieved via policy enforcement. It would be nice if clients could flick between modes, on the fly.


I also hope Red Hat does not forget about the SolidICE/Spice portion of the Qumranet acquisition.


Great round up it was a really good refresher.  I think you forgot to mention the Quest acquisitions.

Not that I don't love see you guys, but any chance you could also post an MP3 version and possibly a podcast link to where we could subscribe, or possibly an video podcast so that we could listen to this and future broadcasts with the need of being in front of a computer?


Regarding the MP3 version. Yes, I think this is possible. I'm on the road for the next three weeks, but we'll try to get this figured out when I get back.