Brian Madden TV #9 - Virtual Computer, Neocleus, Leostream, Desktone, Unidesk & Atlantis Computing

Brian's in Boston this week speaking at his desktop virtualization roadshow event. (More info on free upcoming locations including Dallas, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.) While he's in Boston, Brian met with Virtual Computer, Leostream, Unidesk, Desktone, and Neocleus, and he shares an update on each of them.

Then for this week's featured segment, Brian took his video camera down to Mountain View to meet Chetan Venkatesh, the founder of Atlantis Computing. Ever since writing that they would "change our industry" a few months ago, we've been bombarded with questions, comments, and thoughts about this company and their ILIO technology. We wanted to understand it more, and we recorded a demo of the product for the show.

NOTE: In the episode, Brian mentions that you can visit "" to download the 20 minute extended version of this demo. We haven't had time to edit that video yet, so it's not available now. We'll post it as soon as we can next week.

Finally, Show #9's randomly selected vendor of the week is Xenocode. Gabe had a phone conversation with Kenji Obata, their CEO, about their products, including pre-packaged pre-sandbox web browsers available for free at

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Looking fwd to the full video for Atlantis.