Brian Madden TV #8 - Citrix on iPhone, Microsoft hypervisors, Teradici hands-on & a trip to MokaFive

This week's news round up

  • Citrix released a preview version of their ICA client for the iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Does Microsoft need to enter the client hypervisor space?

Feature Segment

For this week's feature segment, Brian got his hands on one of the Teradici PC-over-IP "slap shot" test kits. This kit includes a PC-over-IP remote host card, a PC-over-IP enabled thin client device, and all the cables and gear you need to hook it up. In today's show, Brian walks through the unboxing and setup of the test kit and looks at the performance of a dual 1920x1200 Windows 7 Aero glass display.

Random Vendor of the Week

Mokafive was our randomly-selected vendor of the week last week, so this week Brian drove down to Redwood City and spoke with CTO and founder John Whaley about Mokafive's offering.

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Very cool capability from Moka 5, why would anybody need a Type 1 client Hypervisor short to medium term with this, plus they are cross platform with MAC! I love the update capability from the Cloud, so much easier that patching a fat desktop or laptop in line.

Why do we assume that the ICA 0.9 version won't have AGEE support etc to make it very useful for the enterprise. If that feature is added, there are a ton of Windows apps that can be presented to iPhone securely.

The PC-IP was interesting, curious if they will ever be able to squeeze anything out of it on a WAN, otherwise seems like niche LAN play and therefore no cloud use.


I think the iPhone support from Citrix is about perception and creating a gap with the other vendors in the market. Citrix for iPhone is way cool, but not a huge business use case- it is simple a great thing to have and show

The lack of security is kind of weird to me and underscores the showcase nature of this to me....


Both the Moka5 and Teradici demos were pretty slick.  I browsed the Teradici site and noticed that an EVGA PCoIP card is $400 and the portal is also $400...isn't 8 bills a little steep for blade PC?  We're not even including the cost of the desktop!  I'm sure price will change if this really takes off and if VMWare figures out how to virtualize the PCoIP chipset.

Did anyone else notice the Moka5 demo company was Initech?  "John Whaley...right...I'm going to need you to come in Saturday"....LOL.


The Citrix Receiver for iPhone is a tech preview release 0.9 and that's why ssl and 2factor is not in there..