Brian Madden TV #7 - BriForum, Cisco UCS, a vist to Dell, and a talk with Endeavors

This week's episode of BMTV is the first regular non-conference show we've done. For these types of shows, we're going to attempt to (1) limit the show to 20 minutes, and (2) stick to a more-or-less standard format from week-to-week. The format will be as follows:

  1. Industry news and discussion
  2. A "feature" segment, either an interview or longer video
  3. The "vendor of the week" feature and the selection of the drawing from the hat of the vendor for the following week.

Today's show includes the following topics:

Segment 1: Industry News

  • BriForum 2009 Chicago information and call for papers
  • Cisco's UCS and how it affects desktop people

Segment 2: Feature

  • Brian visits Dell in Round Rock, Texas, where Jim Lathan explains the BIOS in Dell's desktops hooks into Ardence in a unique way. He also talks about (and shows) what Dell is doing with Teradici's PC-over-IP technology.

Segment 3: Vendor of the week

  • Last week, we pulled "Endeavors Technologies" from our hat which contained the names of all 112 vendors in our space, so in this week's show, Brian sat down with  Endeavors' founder and CTO, Art Hitomi to talk about the company.
  • Gabe closed us out by drawing the vendor of the week for next week's show.
(By the way.. after building this fancy new studio in San Francisco, Brian didn't actually plug his microphone into his camera, so his portion of today's show was recorded via the video camera's internal mic. Way to go Brian!)
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Thanks for the show (and the past shows).

I realize this episode is kinda experimental thing :-)

The concept was good but the execution felt rushed. For the Dell thing I just saw some bios screen and crazy camera movement. For the Endevour part I spent my time listening on, well, talk...

What I really would like to see is a demo of the real thing, whatever it might be. That's it for now :-) Keep on the good work!



You need to lay down the hard questions...

Dell - Other than PXE based security, why would I purchase client access licences from you then go direct to citrix?

If i do buy a dell based licence is software assurance included?

What version of provisioning server do you support?


- How does your product differentiate itself from the application virtualisation competition?

- What is your future roadmap (features)?


@ Kimmo

It was a great pleasure talking with Brian and a honor to provide Brian Madden TV a snapshot of a few Dell offerings. I would welcome an opportunity to have a longer more detailed session with Brian Madden TV describing and demonstrating Dells EasyConnect and R5400 technologies.

@ Rahvintzu

Dells EasyConnect technology offers three years of software assurance and support on Dells OptiPlex 760, 960 and FX160 clients. These systems support Citrix Provioning Server 5.x with High Availability. Dell's EasyConnect eliminates the need of PXE and a License Server and supports dynamic or static IP addressing. Dell's On-Demand Desktop Solution is fully compatible with Citrix, Microsoft,VMware and other application management solutions. Dells vision is simple; provide a solution that enables any service or application from any network on any device. Dell understands that one size doesn't fit all and one technology isn't a solution. To learn more contact your Dell account executive and ask about Flexible Computing Solutions.

Jim Lathan

Technology Specialist, Dell Inc.


Thanks for the response Jim,

Is there support for the optiplex 160 (not to be confused with the fx unit).

I may well contact my account exec...



I felt pretty lucky my company's name was drawn out of a hat for the first week and it was a great pleasure meeting Brian at his mini Studio in the city.

WRT a real demo, you can go to:

and at the end of the page click on Express Launch trial and you can see Oracle's app delivered to your desktop using our technology.


Yes, I know Brian could have been tougher -- perhaps he was sparing me for my first TV episode!

Our main differentiator is experience -- We've had product longer than any other application virtualization company and have been in places where most people (here) are not aware of since we've been in markets outside of common.  We have the largest application streaming and virtualization site in the world providing titles from some of the largest software ISVs.  We are also in large enterprises who provide their own application virtualization portal and OEM and license our product to companies you've heard of.  

But some of our future roadmap items include alternative backend offerings with our partners and new configurations which will be announced in a few months.  Sorry I am vague but marketing (not just mine) would shoot me!

Feel free to email me or continue to comment.