Brian Madden TV #6 - Microsoft TS and VDI plans for Server 2008 R2

The upcoming server version of Windows 7 will be released as "Windows Server 2008 R2" late this year or early next year. Microsoft is planning several improvements to the terminal server capabilities. Back in BMTV Episode 4, we looked at the changes that Microsoft is making for the RDP protocol in Windows 7. In this week's show we'll look at the changes and new features of Terminal Server itself.

We'll also take a look at Microsoft's plans for VDI in Windows Server 2008 R2. They're building a Windows 7 client plus Hyper-V plus RDP 7 capability that will let anyone use pure Microsoft products to build a basic VDI environment.

This week's show includes demos and conversations with several people from Microsoft, including:

  • Ashwin Palekar, discussing Microsoft's terminal server and VDI strategy and plans for Windows 7.
  • George Zhu, demoing the creation of a VDI instance in Windows 7.
  • Ido Ben-Shachar, explaining how the Start Menu application integration will work.
  • Olga Ivanova, demoing several new features of Terminal Server, including per-user MSI installations, session- or application-based IP addresses, and "fair share" kernel-based processor utilization protection.

And new this week: our "vendor of the week" segment.

Last month we wrote that there are more than 100 vendors in the desktop and application virtualization space. Some of them are very popular, and some of them are more obscure. All of them are worth at least knowing about. To that end, we're creating a new segment on the show for our "vendor of the week." We (Gabe) put all the vendors' names into a hat, and we'll draw one at random each week. Then we'll learn about that vendor and arrange some interviews during the week, and we'll do a short segment on them the following week.

We close Episode 6 with the random drawing for next week's vendor, and that vendor is....... (you have to watch to find out. ;)

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Those demos are makes writing that check for Subscription Advantage a little painful.  

Was there anything in these demos that really leveraged Sharepoint integration with RemoteApp and VDI?  I know there is a web-part that allows you to access 2008 TS servers like a poor-man's Web Interface, but anything beyond that?  I guess that goes to your point about managing "the farm"


Gabe, where's the love for the Nebraska Cornhuskers? Omaha, NE???