Brian Madden TV #35: MMS 2011 Roundup - SCCM, RES, App-DNA, & Gabe's Bitchin' View

Gabe was in Las Vegas at the Microsoft Management Summit this week. (If you missed it, check out his keynote live blog and written wrap-up.)

Then recorded a demo of the RES's Max Ranzau about their Reverse Seamless product.

Finnalt, App-DNA's Paul Schnell from showed off what was new from them.




BRIAN: Hello and welcome to Brian Madden TV. From San Francisco, this is Brian Madden.

GABE: And from the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, this is Gabe Knuth.

I’m here this week attending the Microsoft Management Summit. I like it here because it’s not Synergy or VMworld, which are very focused on specific technologies. MMS is a bit more broad of a conference about managing Microsoft products. There’s a lot of focus on System Center, and there’s a bit of desktop virtualization here and there.

BRIAN: All right, so before we get into all the MMS stuff... how’s the wall art in that hotel room?

GABE: I would categorize it as respectful and definitely not worth talking about.

BRIAN: Ok, I’ll leave it at that. So on to MMS. You spent time in the keynotes, you spent time on the expo hall floor...what do you think?

GABE: You know, for me this show was a bit of an eye opener. Not because it was flashy or particularly revealing, but moreso because I realized that we have a pretty strong focus on SBC and VDI, while the world of application and desktop delivery has sort of moved down a level.

What I’m seeing here is a sort of separation of the desktop into two entities...the physical device called “The Desktop” and the concept of “The Desktop”. That’s not a new concept to us in general, but it is in the context of Microsoft and management. 

The big takeaways for me amount to big changes in System Center Configuration Manager, which has grown into a product that can manage virtual and physical desktops and applications as well as a large number of endpoints.

BRIAN: Right, I saw you write about that in your live blog today. You can actually use SCCM to control and policy mobile devices running Android, iOS, Symbian, and Windows 7 Mobile. 

GABE: Right, and since SCCM is aware of the devices, you can actually deploy applications to each type of device differently. That means a phone might have an app remoted via XenApp and a Windows 7 tablet might have the same app streamed to it or installed locally.

The same is also true for machines that are physical or virtual. SCCM is now aware of this natively, and you can manage devices based on that footprint. The example they gave was with Windows updates, where SCCM is now intelligent enough to be able to deploy updates to physical desktops and skip shared-image VDI desktops.

BRIAN: Wow.. It seems like just yesterday that I took down a whole NT4 domain with SMS 1.2 by accidentally pushing the logon service out to all the BDCs.. and now look how all grown up it is!

GABE: Yeah, and that’s only part of it. Microsoft has built in an element of self-service apps where users can request access to applications. Then, based on the policies configured in CM, the app is provisioned in the best way possible. 

Other companies have picked up where Microsoft left off, and they bring to the table their own self-service solutions, along with license tracking & reclamation, reporting, and approval workflows. I talked to SCCM Expert and Matrix 42 about their solutions along those lines, and I hope to actually shoot videos with them at a future date, because I think their solutions are really interesting.

BRIAN: You did shoot some videos on the expo hall floor, right?

GABE: Yeah, and I had about ten conversations that I wish I would’ve recorded, but I guess that’s always the case. The first video I shot was with Max Ranzau of R-E-S Software. He took some time to show us their VDX product that’s been a hot topic on recently.








BRIAN: So this is the last time we’re talking about this for a while, right? I mean, I said that last time, but this time I mean it!

GABE: Oh yeah, but they were there showing it off, so I thought we should get a look at it.

I also caught up with AppDNA, who I interviewed last year as well. This year, they’ve added some new remediation and packaging features to their product, so I brought the camera by their booth, too.








BRIAN: Ok, good stuff. So, is this what it’s like when I go to a show and you stay home? I’m kind of bored here not talking :)

GABE: Hahah…yeah, something like that. It’s ok,’ve got enough speaking to do this week.

BRIAN: Yeah good point. Tonight I spoke at a dinner here in SF -- I should point out that we’re recording this at about ten at night -- and then tomorrow, or “yesterday” by the time you’re watching this, is our first “Desktop Virtualization 2011” road show. That’s here in San Francisco this week, and then we’re taking it to 18 more cities around the world over the course of the year.

GABE: Yeah, uh... thanks for doing those by the way while I stay at home with my wife and kids!

BRIAN: Nah it’s ok.. You know I like to be on stage and to get out and talk to people. And in fact one of the new things for this year is I got a little video camera that I’ll take with me to all the shows to interview attendees. We’ll pick a topic for each week and then get a sense for what people are doing in the real world.

GABE: Oooh! For next week, can you ask them why they’re doing desktop virtualization in the first place?

BRIAN: Sure. And if you <audience> has any questions you’d like us to ask random IT pros, let us know!

GABE: Speaking of random, how about that view?

BRIAN: Yeah… that’s great Gabe..

GABE: No.. really, top floor!! I can see Russia from here!

BRIAN: Ok, so good bye from Brian Madden in San Francisco

GABE: And from the TOP FLOOR of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, this is Gabe Knuth. Top floor.


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