Brian Madden TV #33 - Funtroversy, HDX Connect, Xiotech, AppSense, & BriForum London

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01:05 The fact alone that there is a huge difference in TCO costs between SBC (tradtional RDS) en VDI (VMware View,Citrix XD) shows people how wrong it is to say that vdi=sbc.

I understand and agree with your thoughts from a technical perspective but it gives vendors a chance to confuse people with TCO savings amongst other things.

So Brian, no more of this BS that VDI=SBC :)


@A.Nikolic Very well stated. Distinct models offering totally different economics in the data center mean it's not the same thing. Brian respectfully is wrong trying to blend them as they are not the same thing. They overlap for sure but trying to merge the two as a single solution is why so many people are confused as is so clear from the naive comments and idiots in the press like Bruce Hoard of virtualizationreview who have no clue and simply eco marketing statements from vendors as opposed to explaining what's going on.  While Gartner screwed up with the use of the quote their definition of hosted virtual desktop as a single word but them breaking own the various solutions as SBC etc are correct and accurate. People need to understand these basic 101 tenants of our industry or we continue to have mass confusion and vendor fud echoed by idiot journalists.  

HDX Connect as is, I will conclude as a poor start, but I am hoping Citrix is listening to fix it moving forward. The leased broker thing is a good direction and i've commented more on the HDX Connect main thread. One major point I will add why it is still needed is migration. Citrix for years has done a $hit job of enabling mixed farms. so every upgrade is a full replacement and retiring old infrastructure. If you do that with desktops at scale two things happen. First at current scale, lot's more farms/sites will appear and upgrading those is going to be a F'ing nightmare. Hence I just want to be able to connect amongst all the other reasons I have posted as well as others over the years and on the current HDX connect blog.

@Brian/Gabe, it would be really cool if you could squeeze the you know what of the big storage vendors and asked them what they are doing for desktops. Right now everything they offer is expensive and they think and price like server based solutions. If they do nothing, aren't they dead if they do nothing to get the economics of the desktop workload down. Won't they just end up buying these small guys and offer a new type of solution hoping to make money of the revenue? It would a great show Brian/Gabe.

RemoteFX. Please find out if it will be real on the WAN and when. If WAN is useless then RemoteFX means nothing. Also why Hyper-V only? Technical or business strategy? Timing is key here. Window XP is going end of life in a few years. If RemoteFX is not going to be WAN ready by then, it's useless for 99% of hosted desktop deployment (note naive folks, that's SBC plus VDI). If that is indeed the case, that says to me MS you are not serious about HVD (hosted desktop virt). If MS says it will ready for Wan by Win 8, punch them in the face for me please. Also ask them their thoughts on HDX and why they think client side redirection can't evolve to give better performance than RemoteFX and work work well over a WAN.

Appsense and user virtualiztion. I have some thoughts here. Perhaps I need to write a short blog this weekend and start a discussion as I think this space will be become increasingly important. Hmmmmm must try to make time that I have so little of :-(