Brian Madden TV #31 - PCoIP add-in cards, Virtual Bridges Spice, and the week's news

After many months of no Brian Madden TV, we're relaunching it for 2011. (This is primarily thanks to our new video producer Justin Meisinger who joined us in August.) The biggest change to Brian Madden TV for 2011 is that we're keeping the show short. This week episode is under 13 minutes and features a news round-up, video of our visit to Teradici to see their upcoming PC-over-IP hardware offload card, and Virtual Bridges' VERDE implementation of the now open source Spice remote display protocol.

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Is Brian homeless again? ;)


I'm betting his girlfriend just likes yetis... ;-)


Great to see back again!

It was clear from the start the whole Quest VDI assessment scandal was a mountain out of a molehill!

Chelsea Stadium? really? Boooooo!

Teradici's offload card.... I don't see how it can be compared to RemoteFX/GPU offload in terms of pricing... One gives you bog standard GFX performance improvements and potentially higher density of VM's per host and the other gives you a rich user experience (Aero, DirectX, etc). And it will be a while before performance and scalability optimizations for RemoteFX emerge.

Spice looks good... Whats the bandwidth usage actually like?


Yippee! I've been missing the show. Nice that it's back again. Also the shorter format is welcome.


Thanks, Brian, Gabe. I like the shorter format. With video media, I don't like starting something I can't finish in one sitting.

Regarding the Quest/LWL incident, after reading through stuff, and checking out the Lanamark blog, I am now more likely to use LWL software and less likely to use Lanamark software.


liked it !

especially the part with the Virtual Bridges Spice demonstration. always like real demos the most ;)