Brian Madden TV #29 - A rundown of the Citrix and Microsoft desktop virtualization announcements

Microsoft and Citrix made several announcements around desktop virtualization last week. In this Brian Madden TV episode, Brian & Gabe discuss:

  • New features in Citrix XenApp 6
  • New features in Citrix XenDesktop 4 Feature Pack 1
  • Microsoft and Citrix's "VDI Rescue" program
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V's dynamic memory feature
  • Microsoft Calista / RemoteFX

In the course of the show, Brian & Gabe wondered whether the joint Citrix/Microsoft "View Rescue" program (where they offer up to 500 licenses of XenDesktop and the Microsoft VDI Suite for free for VMware View customers) required customers to choose Hyper-V as their platform, or whether they could stay on ESX. We've read the details of the program, and we can't find anything that says you have to actually use all the elements of the Microsoft VDI bundle. (It only mentions that you get it.) So based on our understanding, it appears that an existing VMware View customer could get XenDesktop and the VDI bundle for free yet still choose to deploy their virtual desktops on ESX.

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During the show, Gabe said something like, "Wait, so how is the new Microsoft VDA license not user-based?" And that kind of stumped us...

I just saw that Chris Wolf wrote about this also, with "A User-centric Microsoft Licensing Model? Not Yet, but Getting Closer"


Just my word, Citrix/Microsoft vs. VMware... so when do Citrix drop XenServer? :-)


Thanks for the show. The streaming works excellent, zero complaints :)

Do anyone have anthing cloes to formal (rumors are also fine) on the XenApp/RemoteFX story? If anything it will have *interesting* effects on XenServer's part of the strory :o


New video is great! Thanks...

Did Microsoft really validate VMware PCoIP?  DIdn't MS buy Calista before VMware entered their partnership with Teradici?


So RemoteFX won't work on Zero clients since they require  client OS.


How will the performance be affected if the client doesn't include the GPU