Brian Madden TV #28 - Interview with Benny Tritsch, "fifth vendor" voting results, & news round-up

In this week's Brian Madden TV, Gabe and Brian discuss Array Network's forthcoming iPhone remote desktop client, Citrix's Nirvana phone hardware spec, and the situation with RTO, Symantec, and VMware.

Then Brian interviews Benny Tritsch about the products he's building at Immidio. (Note, the full interview was about 30min, although we had to cut it down to 12min for the show. We'll post the full interview tomorrow.)

Finally, Brian and Gabe discuss the results of the "fifth vendor" voting for next month's "VDI Week."

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Boo too MS being included in the bake off, but hopefully a great opportunity to show the naïve blind followers of MS that they have nothing. One flaw of the whole thing is that it’s a VDI only bake off, so IMO a narrow focus for some use cases.

Immidio, Appscriber seems like a rip off of Citrix Dazzle. I am sure Immidio will argue Dazzle is a rip off from Zero Touch. BTW who named the company?


A lot of things are happening within companies besides Citrix.

Dazzle will only work for applications hosted in a XenApp/XenDesktop environment, while many organizations only use Citrix technology for delivering a part of their total application landscape.

ZeroTouch, I loved it. But it was made for SoftGrid only and it got pulled from the market when Softricity was acquired by Microsoft.

Nice thing of Immidio AppScriber is that it's delivery platform agnostic. So it would work in an environment where users get applications delivered through various deployment mechanisms, like SCCM, App-V, XenApp, InstallFree, Altiris or even through Active Directory Group Policy MSI deployment.

Also the infrastructure required is very easy to setup and maintain. IIS, SQL, AD and for the authorization workflow to work any E-mail platform. AppScriber also does not need a client component on each client device which you would need to configure, maintain and update.

Just have a look at the User Interface in this demo on youtube:


It seems like some are much further along with their thinking. Also you are making an assumption on what Citrix or anybody else will or will not do. What happens if they decide to move into this market in a big way. I see no reason for them not to. I mean it would make sense to keep extending Dazzle into other app types and not just Citrix. Otherwise their self service message makes no sense.



I've tested out the solution and it's utter crap. You cannot in anyway be honest visavi the realities to ever suggest, or for that matter, think of this. I wont even argue, it's way below.


Wow. Thanks for being censored [placeholder]

My comment back @appdetective was a valid one, and because I used some of the same methods as appdetective uses daily, minus the faul language, I get censored?

This is unjust and a great disservice towards appdetective, the community and the very fundamental principals of freedom.

Brian, please admit my comment. Otherwise you're going on record for the crime of censorship on very unjust grounds.


Relax man. Your "censored" comment was just caught by our spam filter. I've released it now.




@AppDetective - thanks for suggesting Centrix Software.

@Brian, if you would like to take a look at the new Centrix WorkSpace suite being announced at VMware Partner Exchange next week, then feel free to get in touch via

@Kimmo - I'm sorry to hear your comments about Centrix. As we have no record of you in our system could you let us know how to get in touch with you to understand the basis of your comments?


@kimmo. I’m referring to ‘thinking’ I have not tested their product, so any specifics you may discovered real world would be good to know. I came across them a few weeks ago while casually browsing, and think it’s a very interesting approach to application delivery by a bunch of ex Citrix and VMware folks. It often strikes me that there is just way too much focus on Desktops and this will all circle back to the apps. In reality I think we will have a mix, but I think we are totally forgetting about the ‘content’ which is data presented to us by apps. Desktops alone are a one dimensional approach to a problem. I think Citrix gets this and hence why they put XA and XD together, and know they need to ride the desktop hype cycle and have the option to focus back on apps with a bigger base once the hype cycle is over, or just continue with desktops if that is what takes off. IMHO opinion it’s cheaper to deliver the apps you need as opposed to a full desktop that has to then be managed. I say less desktops, richer apps driven by user choice.



I tried it. But I almost never use my real contact details when testing stuff, except for vendors I have a previous relationship. One of the main reasons is that I have no interest in being contacted if I'm not interested in said product nor vendor.


It's one of those Linux based toy systems that no one in their right mind would event think of deploying.You said you never tried it. Please do :)


@Kimmo, thanks for the clarification, you have clearly not tested OUR products, as we are NOT a Linux based product, therefore in respect to our dedicated, passionate developers and more importantly the industry CIOs that have deployed over 40,000 users of our software, I would be most grateful if you would remove your "crap" comment against  In the meantime, given your obvious passion, we'd love you to test our product!!


BAH! I mixed up the with

Now, how stupid do you think I feel?

Sorry, *** happens,

My explanation is that during this week I have instaled and tested so many odd SBC/VDI based products that the names and what whas what melted together. By the way none of what I tested was anything I would concider or suggest. The solution I only read the whitepapers, watched the demo and the limited web ui. So no real eval there, Just that I lost interest.

Please ignore all previous posts above. Now, where is that delete function ;)


Have you guys seen this...  It's a small portable projector that turns any surface into a 10' touch screen. Pretty slick! This would solve the issue of caring around a full keyboard/Monitor on your back while traveling. I think something like this is needed to really make this "nirvana" phone a reality. There are also those virtual keyboards which project a keyboard onto a surface. ( being sold already )