Brian Madden TV #26 - 2009 year in review

In our 2009 year-end wrap-up show, Gabe and Brian look back at the ten biggest stories of 2009.

  • Calista, where are you?
  • The capital costs of VDI get more in-line with traditional desktops
  • Citrix combines XenApp and XenDesktop licensing
  • No more excuses for x64
  • Microsoft makes a VDI product and admits that VDI is real
  • Thin client renaissance
  • Protocol is "solved"
  • iPhone gets more love
  • Where are those client hypervisors?
  • Cloud is approaching Y2K in buzzwordiness

We also looked back at some of the predictions we made way back in Brian Madden TV #2, and tried to take credit for successfully guessing how the year would shake out.

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Good stuff gentlemen, and I look forward to 2010.  I would say that it's still impossible to deliver a local desktop experience over a 200ms and 100Kbps connection, and will be until someone invents some new way of delivering a remote display, but things definitely have gotten 1000% better than they were.  A year ago there were very few ways to watch youtube over a remote display, and now this is possible via numerous display protocols, but none using 100Kbps as most flash videos natively use more than this.

It sure is nice to say "Mr/Ms customer, what would you like to be able to do" and have a good answer for most of what they ask, vs saying "that's just not possible today".

It's great to see so many companies gravitate to the technology that has been our careers for the past 10+ years.

Happy New Year!