Brian Madden TV #24 - MultiPoint, Quest, and Aqua Connect's Terminal Server for Mac OS X

In this week's episode of Brian Madden TV, Brian & Gabe discuss:

  • Microsoft MultiPoint Server and how NComputing and Microsoft are working together
  • How Quest Software has done with their acquisition of Provision Networks and the near release of vWorkspace 7
  • An interview and demo of Aqua Connect Terminal Server, a product that adds TS capabilities to Mac OS X!
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For those who were having problems with the player.. the video pausing or the scrub bar not working right, I updated the player snippet code to the latest version from Brightcove, so if you're still having issues, email me or comment here and I'll open a ticket with them. (In this case the videos are encoded by them, the javascript code is provided by them, the flash client is theirs, and they host everything.. so there's officially nothing more that I can do!) Which is very awesome.. :)


Thanks Bri,

I'll check that out for next weeks show, it's after the fact now. For those intrested here's todays show:


The two Quest products we're working on integrating with vWorkspace are vFoglight and Active Roles Server.

As for Application Streaming, our partner Microsoft has the best offering available in App-V, so it didn't make sense for us to create an application virtualization product to put a checkbox on a product data sheet.  Instead we provide integration with App-V from the vWorkspace Management console.  This doesn't prevent one from using other products, we just chose to integrate with App-V, because at the time (2005-2006) Softgrid was the only Application Virtualization product on the street and it continues to be the market leader.


It should also be noted that since App-V is included in 2008 RDS CALs for use on RDSH, that makes having another Application Virtualization product even less appealing.



I think Ron Ogelsby did a small writeup on this whole app.vrit thing.

Now, I know that app-v is included within the new licensing for RDS, but seriously, isn't it kinda awkward to have a driveletter mapping, clientside agent , all that stupid knowledge on .osd whatnot.

Sure, as a technologist I appreciate a lot of the plumbing, yet I'm nowhere near to recommend that. Maybe Tim Mangan can shed some light on this?


Brian - in regards to the video problems on my mac using Chrome beta the video uses almost 100% cpu in Firefox no problems. I think Chrome is built on the Safari rendering engine so maybe this helps....


Brian/Gabe, you don't seem to be havy any fun doing this, are you? :)




Re: Chrome Browser on the Mac, yeah the 100% CPU is something I see too. But I think it's a flash thing because I get it on other sites too.


Hi Peter.


great show

dig the nice "comedy" bit at the end of the show

keep up the great work


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Hey Peter! Give me a shout!