Brian Madden TV #23: 10in10 (10 stories in 10 minutes!)

For these week's show, we decided to take a bit different approach and do "10 in 10," where we're going to cover ten stories in about ten minutes. Our goal was 60 seconds per story, and we even have an egg timer to keep us honest!

Don't worry: This isn't the way that we're going to do the show every week. But it's just something that's a bit different that we thought would be fun.

Today's 10 stories are:

  1. VMware releases View 4
  2. Gabe created a cool chart showing Symantec's desktop virtualization products
  3. Why should we care about Sun?
  4. Should remoting protocols be integrated with the hypervisor?
  5. What is the Citrix Desktop desktop virtualization program?
  6. Why can't View 4 or XenDesktop 4 run on Windows 2008?!?
  7. Ron Oglesby started at Unidesk
  8. Are VMware's vSphere 4 density claims due to vSphere 4 code or Intel Nehalem enhancements?
  9. Hey! We're podcasting now!
  10. Help us plan "Trench Week"
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Brian and Gabe,

Just wanted to let you know that I like the audio attachments.

I don't have a lot of time to read the articles during the day but I do have 40 minutes in my car so keep up the good work!


+1 for podcast attachments - quick and easy when we don't always have time to read the article or want listen whilst doing other things


I love the content. Totally.

Not to nag...

But am I the only one that have problems with the content stopping right in the middle in the flash frontend?

Happens 100% every time some 8-10 minutes in the video.

The brighcove stream works flawlessly when directly accessed, also this 100% of times.

My question is, is it just me? Or is there indeed a serious flaw in the flash frontend?


@kimmo, that's interesting. We're just using the brightcove flash player with the embed code they provide. So you say if you run the player from their site, it's fine, but from our site, you get the pausing? That's so weird since you'd think it would be the same? (The player embedded on is served from Brightcove.)



Thanks for responding. Yeah, that's been my issue since way back. It 100% always happen (on multiple computers, both home and work)

The video just pauses. Upon clicking the play button I'm back to the beginning of the video.

So I try to fast forward, but have only this spinning thing (aka. waiting, hte ubiquitous hourglass so to say) . For me it seems like the flash player has no concept of streaming.

I'm quite i'm quite baffled, as this ought to happen to others as well.

What I do is scrape the page to find the source URL, and all is fine. Fast forward, rewind, skip, move, etc.

Here's the scaped brighcove url  stream for this paricular video:



+1 for the podcasts!

Kimmo, Brian, I got the content stopping at the middle too, just at the end of topic# 5 and before commercial.

I had to refresh the web page to be able to wind up the middle of the streaming...

Keep on the good work!