Brian Madden TV #19 - VMworld wrap-up #3 - Client device Super Show!

This is our third VMworld 2009 wrap-up show. This week we're focusing on client devices. Brian talks about his mini-crush on Wyse. They had a lot of impressive stuff at the show, including:

  • New C-class client devices (small, cheap things with dedicated media processors for processing video locally)
  • New P-class client devices with PC-over-IP hardware chips built in. (We did a whole BMTV show on that last week.)
  • Wyse Streaming Manager, an Ardence derivative for streaming Windows to super thin clients.
  • Wyse Project "Borg," software for turning old PCs into thin clients.
  • Wyse PocketCloud, an iPhone RDP & VMware View client

We also discussed the other client products at the show, including Devon IT's VDI Blaster software which converts a PC into a thin client, Microsoft's Windows Fundamentals, and the free iRDesktop, an iPhone RDP client.

And for those of you who'd like to read my June 2005 article claiming you'd be a fool to spend more than $15 on a thin client device, here is it. :)

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Disclaimer : I'm GM at ThinLaunch Software. Thanks for the mention....I believe we were the first to introduce this concept and approach...independent of any of the Thin Client manufacturers or virtualization solutions....bake off???


I enjoyed  this video especially because I work at LISCON, a company specialized in Thin Client Computing in Europe. Your coverage of the Wyse Project "Borg"  is something we realized about 5 years ago and had a lot of positive feedback from our customers since.

We call repurposing old PCs as Thin Clients "LISCON Managed Desktop" (btw "BORG" is way a cooler term for that ...) - which is our operating system that's based on Ubuntu and therefore supports a wide range of hardware - e.g. we had it installed on an eeepc at the last vmworld and video chat and skype worked fine, besides of course rdp/vmware ... (pic of it here )

more information about LISCON Managed Desktop:

It can be fully administered with our LISCON Management Console, which has iPhone support ;). Video of that:

Great video Brian and Gabe, hope you'll do some more coverage on the repurposing of old PCs topic!



Wyse Borg and Devon IT's VDI Blaster sound like great products from what I'm reading they still require a Windows OS to be installed on the workstation.

So the security patching and license costs associated with having a Windows workstation continues.

We have had some pretty good success with converting our old PC's to thinstation and running a published desktop from a Citrix XenApp server. Granted, we don't have much management functionality but what management do you need? It pxe boots, downloads the thinstation image to ram and launches the citrix desktop. We can save a little power diconnecting the hard drives in the workstations also!

This is all temporary as we decide which thin station client meets our need.