Brian Madden TV #18 - VMworld wrap-up #2 - Software-based PC-over-IP Super Show!

This week's Brian Madden TV show is our second (of four? five?) of our VMworld 2009 wrap-up shows. In this episode we focus on the joint VMware / Teradici demos of the software version of the PC-over-IP protocol that will be included in the upcoming release of VMware View 4 later this year.

We've written quite a bit about Teradici and PC-over-IP over the past few years (complete list), including:

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Interesting demo from Teradici.

My key things I take away from the demo:

1. Teradici positions itself with both consumer partners (Samsung, Dell) and business partners (VMware,Wyse,Dell) which leads me to believe that we may see a commoditization of remote graphics protocols in the future. I am waiting to see announcements of PCoIP starting to appear in Video On Demand offers from cable providers.

2. I liked the latency and peak/average bandwidth numbers that were mentioned in the demo. And also the forward looking statements that these numbers may just be the beginning.

3. I hope Teradici keeps up its ability to execute on their vision, because PCoIP finally is a product that can truly compete with ICA. And the fact that PCoIP works using a very different technique adds to its capacity as a true contender to ICA.

All in all I will be watching Teradici very closely in the future!

Thanks for another awesome episode! Can't wait to see the rest of the VMworld round-ups.


Really good stuff, guys.

However, I am wondering about Teradici's claim that their technology and architecture is new and now validated by Citrix.

Sun has their own protocol, ALP, and has had it for years. It is also a pixel-based protocol and uses the same server-side rendering architecture as Teradici's. So I do not think there is anything ground-breaking here from them. Sun's problem is their marketing. There is none! Hopefully it will change once Oracle takes over.

Also, since you will be going over thin clients next week, please don't forget SunRays, if possible!  :o)