Brian Madden TV #15 - VMworld melodrama, Citrix's 2000+ server test lab, and a call with triCerat

Gabe and Brian start off this week's show by talking about the debacle of VMworld and whether they'll disclose that they're officially limiting the size of booths that competitors can buy at VMworld.

Then Brian heads down to Ft. Lauderdale to meet with Citrix's John Dagati. John gives a video tour of Citrix's XenApp e-lab, a datacenter with over 2,000 servers where they can test over 100 million ICA logons in a single weekend!

Finally, Gabe has a conversation with triCerat's Eric Musgrave, our randomly-selected vendor of the week.

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Is that a MAME cabinet that Gabe is leaning against?

Oh yeah....good episode as well you bunch of VMware troublemakers :-)


Sure is, and that's a homemade electronic dart board next to Brian, but you can't see that.