Brian Madden TV #12 - Citrix Synergy Wrap-up. XenClient, Dazzle, iPhone Receiver, HDX Flash remoting

Gabe and I are in Las Vegas for Citrix Synergy 2009. We live blogged the two keynotes (here and here) and spent as much time as we could talking to the different vendors and learning about the new products. This week's episode of Brian Madden TV is our first of two "wrap up" shows covering Synergy.

This week, we discuss and have demos of:

  • Citrix HDX Flash remoting (for questions, email/follow the lead developer Juan Rivera, via
  • Citrix Dazzle
  • Citrix Receiver (ICA client) for iPhone, Version 1.0
  • A device called the Celio REDFLY, which is sort of a full size screen and keyboard that remotes your mobile phone display (allowing you to have a real keyboard and screen via your phone to connect to Citrix apps).
  • Citrix XenClient update and demo


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Maybe I'm missing something with the RedFly demo, but why would I want to carry a netbook like device that does nothing without my smartphone when you can just tether your smartphone with a standard netbook or laptop and still access my Citrix apps?  Did I not catch something?


The Celio Redfly has no hard drive as it contains only a Bluetooth connection and a battery that lasts up to 8 hours since there is no processor on the device and weighs only 2 pounds.. You can cable sych the Smartphone to the Redfly which will actually charge the Smartphone. All this is delivered on an 8 inch screen with full keyboard capability.


We are now proud to announce that Citrix Partners Are Now Eligible for Sprint Wireless Discounts

In conjunction with Citrix expanding its portfolio to now provide access on approved Sprint Mobile Devices by using Citrix Receiver, Sprint is also proud to announce that to help promote this unique marketing arrangement, Sprint will offer a 10% discount to Citrix Partners employees for both their corporate or personal devices as well as their family members. Citrix and Sprint have had a long-standing relationship and through this unique arrangement, Citrix Partners can now take advantage of putting the power of Citrix Receiver on select Sprint mobile devices to not only experience Citrix “On-The-Go”, but also be able to share that with their respective clients so they can extend their reach from beyond the desktop. This arrangement along with utilizing a Celio Redfly will help provide a Provide a laptop-like Citrix experience with a Sprint Smartphone  

A true win-win for all parties and further entrench respective customers with unmatched data capabilities.

For additional information, please visit plus also feel free to review the following links to get a better understanding of the power of mobility using Citrix Receiver and Sprint Mobile Devices, On-The-Go, Anytime, Anywhere.

Citrix Ready Portal for Sprint

Citrix Ready Nomination for Sprint as Finalist for Solution of the Year at Citrix Synergy

Citrix TV Video’s Recorded at Synergy Demonstrating Citrix Receiver running Sprint Mobile Devices Connected to a Celio Redfly

Summary of Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver now gives mobile users access to their Windows applications and documents from anywhere. Businesses will be able to quickly and securely leverage their existing Citrix XenApp™ infrastructure to tap into the power of an agile and productive mobile workforce. Whether they are using their desktop, laptop or Smartphone, Citrix Receiver ensures a consistent, high-definition experience for accessing corporate applications, and allows IT to deliver applications as a service that is scalable and always available. When utilizing Citrix Receiver, an increasing percentage of business travelers may actually find they can leave their laptops behind on shorter trips as well as connecting millions of users to the corporate XenApp infrastructure that already exists, Citrix is able to help expand customer use cases and provide a simplified IT service delivery model