Brian Madden TV #10 - Oracle buys Sun, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenDesktop FP1, & Parallels

This week's Brian Madden TV is a busy one. In our news round up, we discuss:

  • VMware's announcement of vSphere 4: What it is and what is has to do with us
  • Oracle's acquisition of Sun
  • Gartner's prediction that the VDI market will be $65B in five years
  • Citrix's announcement of Feature Pack 1 for XenDesktop, including the Adobe Flash support

For our feature segment, Brian sat down with Virtual Computer's Doug Lane when he was in Boston two weeks ago. Doug gives Brian a demo and explains how their Type 1 bare-metal client hypervisor product will work.

And finally, this week's Random Vendor of the Week is Parallels. Gabe talked to Jamison Moore on the phone to understand more about what they're doing in the desktop virtualization space. 

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Regards Flash Redirection - What about those online flash apps and those who post form data to the server?


Can we agree on that the next big OS that companies will deploy is Windows 7?

How will Parallels make a VDI with Windows 7 as the client OS?


Re: Parallels and Windows 7... they would use Windows 7 Server, which Microsoft just announced they'll call "Windows Server 2008 R2." So in this case, it's the same as Windows 2008 / Vista and Windows 2003 / XP.


RE: Flash Redirection

HDX MediaStream for Flash allows the local Flash player to talk to the server directly or it can use remote session to reach out to the server. We call this client-side content fetching and server-side content fetching. It applies to any HTTP traffic initiated by the Flash player including SOAP and REST requests.

In most cases this works automagically but the admin has control to define its behavior on particular websites.

When the trial release is out (early May), please give it a try and let us know how it works on your particular use case. I'll love to hear your feedback.

We will have a support forum where we can follow up on questions, issues, etc.

Please follow me on twitter to stay up to date on the latest on HDX MediaStream for Flash.

Juan Rivera


No offense Gabe, but maybe you should do a little research into the RVW before interviewing them as you seemed quite unfamiliar with it's products.  Parallels has been around for nearly 10 years so there is no dearth of information to draw from.  Otherwise, Parallels provided a nice summary of it's VDI offering.

Rodd Ahrenstorff


It would be also nice if you drilled into more detail with these vendors with better prep. Perhaps ask the community for suggestions. With Virtuozzo, the concern I have is patching the OS, and how their containers handle it. Will one have to wait for Parallels to pull out a release when MS releases a patch. I would hate to play catch up. Hopefully somebody from Parallels can respond and clarify.



I still miss one big virtualisation solution?  It is called: Virtualstorm.


Joe Shonk did a great Parallels Virtuozzo deep dive at last year's Briforum, that really made it easier to understand.  I tried to pull up th evideo, but it appears as though you guys have taken away the content from the previous Briforums.  Any chance the participants can get this access back?  It would be great to have the ability to see that session again for a good refresher.


It would be nice to see that Video and get a straight answer from Parallels on patching containers.


Sorry I'm late to the comments here, but better late than never.  I wasn't really trying to dig deep with Parallels - obviously they have a place in our arena, but the goal of that segment is just to have them describe what they do in our space in the short time we have for them.

That said, you're right (Rodd).  Parallels isn't exactly new, so they may have warranted a deeper conversation.  

Appdective - your idea of asking community for suggestions is great.  We'll add that to the write-up for each episode, but for the record (at least for the readers of this thread) from now on, if you have questions for next week's RVW, send them to me at

Thanks for watching, and thanks for the ideas.  We definitely want to make a show that you want to watch, and to have each segment be as valuable as possible.

See you from Synergy!