Brian & Gabe LIVE #23 - Part 3: BriForum, VMware Octopus, and our new radio show with Jack Madden

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Jack Madden:              So that’s funny.

Gabe Knuth:               Yeah, we can, we can only hope that this holds up to the Conan expectations and not, you know – I forget who had a show – Not the Weird Al Yankovic Show or something like that, you know, that lasted for, for six weeks because it was bad.

                                    So we’re gonna, we’re gonna try to do a really cool, energetic talk show a lot – What did you, where did you see it before?  You saw it at like some Symantec show or something like that?

Brian Madden:            Symantec Vision, yes.  Symantec Vision does that.  Yeah.

Gabe Knuth:               So that’ll, it’ll be cool, and having the band I think will make it, will put it over the top.  Because it would be tough to do without a band.

Brian Madden:            Yeah.

Gabe Knuth:               And so we were talking about it, we’re thinking about having Jack, like, since Jack’s a music major, that kind of a guy, you know, like put together some sort of music package for it.  But like if we don’t have, if we don’t have a band, then we can’t – You know, playing it over the speakers doesn’t – That’s not the atmosphere we want.

Brian Madden:            Yeah, and we have a drum.  Like they can like, you know, they can riff if we’re making jokes and like all that kind of bandy stuff. 

Jack Madden:              Ba-doom-boom.

Brian Madden:            Yeah.  So you guys from Do It Best, that rocked, and it’s a go for Chicago.

                                    Anyway, so the comment from the anonymous person in the, in the chat room, I love it.  Talk about the Guise Bule shit.  So I like as a way to phrase this.  Like so Guise – So the Bule shit is, is I, I guess, I, I’m gonna, I’m gonna have to link to – There we go.  I’m gonna link to the Simon Branford blog post, and where’s my chat window?  Here we go.  So, so Guise – Wait, was that his name?  Guise?  Guy?

Jack Madden:              Guise, pronounced Guy.

Brian Madden:            So Guise – So he was on the show two weeks ago, and this was – Remember he was the guy from Two Clouds, and he basically announced that it’s crap that Microsoft is allowing OnLive to exist, and, and he – And so he said, “Well, if they can do it, I’m gonna do it too.” 

                                    So he is now putting together his own cloud offering that blatantly and very publicly flaunts Microsoft licensing requirements.  And I think that’s really cool.  And like whether people – So people are accusing him of just being a, you know, like grandstanding kind of it’s all talk and all huff and making a mountain out of nothing.  Which, I mean, I’m fine with that because, you know, Brian Madden here.

                                    But the, but the thing is, I’m – So what?  This is cool because like so far – Like OnLive services a month, two months later still exists, and they’re still either flagrantly violating Microsoft licenses or they have some cut back-end deal that’s screwing companies like Two Cloud and Desktone and all these other types of companies who are out there.

                                    So I’m, I’m all for it.  So I encourage everyone to sign up with DesktopsOnDemand, even if it is just some kind of like BS thing.  Let’s sign up and use it like crazy.

Gabe Knuth:               Yeah, absolutely.  So, and we had Guise on there last, or what?  Two weeks ago, I guess is when we did a show.  So, and so you can, you can learn a little bit about it there.  The story actually changed a tiny bit from when the announcement came out to when we had Guise on the show, that I forget, he said he was going to give it away for free or that it was going to be a, a real thing.  And then on the show, he said that it was going to be just kind of a test thing just to see if it works, but they’re not really gonna sell it.  And now it appears that they’re actually selling it.

                                    So it’s definitely just out there to call attention to Microsoft, but obviously the most support we can show for it, the better.

Brian Madden:            Yeah, I’m fine with that.  It’s, it’s funny that – So the – Oh, so in the comment, so Simon’s blog post has a ton, tons of comments in it.  And in some of the commenters, they’re basically – They are basically saying, you know, “This is something like yeah, it got a lot of press, but it’s not that big of a deal because users don’t care about it.”

                                    So this – So I was in Dallas last week visiting my – Well, our, Jack’s brother.  You know.  Visiting our sister.  And I didn’t tell you guys this, or I didn’t tell Gabe this.  So, so I go out – So Meredith – So Meredith is our sister.  So she has this – A coworker of hers who’s maybe like 10 or 15 years older, so we’ve kinda been like a mentor to her.

                                    And so Meredith and her husband and me and, and this other woman went to, went to dinner.  And we were just chatting about stuff, and our job kinda like – Our, like job kinda came up.  And she was asking like, “So what do you – I know you’re a writer, what do you do exactly?” 

                                    And I was mentioning a little bit about what we do, and she’s, “Oh, is that like that OnLive stuff?”  This is what the, Meredith’s mentor says, who’s not a technical, not a IT, like regular end-user type person.

                                    And she says, “Oh, is that like that OnLive stuff?”  And I’m like, “I’m sorry, what?”

Gabe Knuth:               What?

Brian Madden:            She’s like, “Yeah, I love OnLive.”  I’m like, “For” – She’s like, “Yeah, it’s awesome because like on my, when I’m on my iPad, I can still get Excel on my iPad, and I love it.”

                                    And I was like, “What about QuickOffice?”  She’s like, “Yeah, but you can’t do like macro.  They do like data analytic stuff.”  She’s like, “You can’t do macro type stuff.”

                                    And I’m like, “Wow.”  She’s like, “Yeah, but I heard OnLive is having some, like, legal troubles, that maybe it’s illegal software.”

                                    And I’m like –

Gabe Knuth:               Wow.

Brian Madden:            Yeah, exactly.  So, so that’s – But so that was – And maybe this is just anecdote random luck, but I think it was really cool that this, I would say, is like a regular user, if there was one, who is aware of what OnLive is and works and even heard the story about the potential issues.  So I thought that was a very cool thing and just an interesting data point when we’re looking at OnLive and whether it’s something that real users care about or not.

Gabe Knuth:               Yeah, that’s amazing.  But it, it shows the – It shows what the sizzle that OnLive created when they announced this stuff around, when was it?

Brian Madden:            I don’t know.

Gabe Knuth:               E3, right?

Brian Madden:            Oh, yeah.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gabe Knuth:               So yeah.  And so I mean, it shows the buzz.  I mean, people were so on board with this thing.  And then – Well, I guess and we have talked, too, about how the forums, once that article from Microsoft or that blog post from Microsoft came out, how the people were amazed that it could possibly have happened and how can this be and that kind of a thing.

                                    So I mean, there’s definitely a lot of people who would care about this and a lot of people that are interested in it.  And it just goes to show that there’s an actual use case for this.

Brian Madden:            And the – So the comments, so that link to Simon Branford’s blog post, the comments of that are really, really good.

Gabe Knuth:               Yeah.

Brian Madden:            And I don’t know how Guise – Like so I think Guise wrote the longest comment of any article I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  But the comments are pretty good, and, and there’s probably 10 to 1,000 words of comments in there.  But it’s, it’s a good conversation.

                                    So that’s that.  Hey, a couple other things that we will mention, and what is that little message say on the screen?  I can’t see that. 

Gabe Knuth:               Are you reading the messages that I’m typing?  Like I’m getting Skypified a bit here.  But your call, the call quality just went down for me, so maybe this – It won’t – You dropped out for awhile. 
So –

Jack Madden:              You sound fine to us.

Brian Madden:            Well, I was talking about how awesome you are, Gabe. 

                                    Let’s talk about VMWare Octopus.  So Colin Steele noticed that VMWare Octopus is now available in the store, now available in the, the IOS app store.

Gabe Knuth:               Good for him.  We need to find out how he actually figured this out, whether he got a heads-up or whether he just habitually hits refresh on the app store to see what the new apps are.

Jack Madden:              Was he, was he lurking around or –

Gabe Knuth:               Yeah.

Brian Madden:            And it’s -  Go on, Gabe.

Gabe Knuth:               I was gonna say, so yeah, so what, he emails us and, and says, “Hey, I don’t know if you guys know this thing, this thing broke or not, but I was gonna write something.”  So Brian Madden, our, he’s got a little blog post.  It doesn’t say a whole lot because there’s not a whole lot to be known, but, but we’re finally seeing some movement on the Octopus front where the VMWare Octopus app is  now in the app store.  But nobody can use it unless you’re part of this private Beta.

                                    So, but there are some screen shots which I don’t think we’ve seen before.

Brian Madden:            Before.  That is correct.  Because when we did our, our last post on Octopus, which was also on consumerized IT, when we were at that event and Vittorio was there, we – He sort of showed us, but – He showed us the app but wouldn’t let us take any pictures of it.  So I think this is the first sort of screen shots that have been out.

                                    But yeah, this just shows – So the story here is that it’s, it’s now out of sort of VMWare Labs, where – Because you know, when stuff before it’s in the app store, you have to have like special, you have to have like the IDs, the devices that it’s going to, so you can’t really make it out into the public.

                                    So this, this just means – Obviously the back end is still in beta, but this just means that VMWare, it’s one step closer to being released.  So now –

Gabe Knuth:               It’s 1.0 released, too, so while it’s still – You know, the back end system’s a private beta, they, but I mean they’re confident enough to call this release of this thing 1.0.  So it’s a full version.

Brian Madden:            Yeah.  The client, anyway.

Gabe Knuth:               Which they don’t take lightly.  A full version of the client.  So I, I think we’re getting awfully close.

Brian Madden:            Yeah.  So I like – I, it’s cool.  I mean, and look at the screen shots.  It just makes me – I mean, I love this idea.  So obviously I’m always talking about DropBox.  We use DropBox, we love DropBox.  But I, I love the idea of taking DropBox-like capabilities and integrating them more with the IT-delivered applications.  And so for example, like Jack, you did an article last week about Citrix Receiver with the ShareFile integration.  And maybe talk – I’ll post a link here.  Talk a bit about that because I – This to me, this is badass.

Jack Madden:              Yeah, yeah.  This is – You know what, we had that like three-week period of long – Where we’d had file syncing articles every single day at, and, but, I think this stuff is just really, really exciting because it, it opens the door for, for device-native applications.  Suddenly with Share, with ShareFile and Citrix and having the documents be right there in the iPad Citrix Receiver apps, this, this is a whole story around using native iPad applications that never, that never existed before.

Gabe Knuth:               Well, but you can choose in that regard.  You can actually choose whether you want to use it with a remote app or a local app too, right?  Like so you get the choice.  If you have the ability to open in its native app, you can, or you can open it in something local if the native app isn’t available.

Brian Madden:            Yeah.  Because that’s the key to me.  Because as a DropBox IOS client, I can, I’ve got QuickOffice.  I can open Word docs from DropBox with QuickOffice on the iPad, so that’s nothing special.  But I love that if I have like a Vizio file in there, I can, I can click it in the, in the iPad client, and it can open a remote copy of Vizio.

                                    But because I log into the remote server that’s running remote Vizio, and then it can access directly from the back in my ShareFile archive and open that document in remote Vizio.

Jack Madden:              And this, this whole idea that these, that these Windows-based applications only come up on an as-needed basis when the, when you just need that extra level of functionality or it just doesn’t exist for iPad yet, you know, like we talk – Like this, it sounds like such a cheesy line, but it’s like this post-Windows, this post-Windows era that we’re talking about.  Like this is now.

Brian Madden:            Well, and so this is where we’re looking –

Gabe Knuth:               We’re getting there.

Brian Madden:            But I mean, so Citrix ShareFile integration with Receiver is doing this.  VMWare Octopus combined with their AppBlast technology, we’ve seen the Nexis stuff from InstallFree, which I’ve got on the agenda to write about that soon, which is similar type HTML 5 delivered client.

                                    I mean, I just love the idea that yeah, if I need to edit something and I, I, I have an IOS or touch-based native app for that application, I can do that and that’s fine.  But if I, but if I need to access like the quote-unquote “real” Windows app to access it, then I can do that too.  And like that, to me – This is so badass.

Jack Madden:              Yeah.

Brian Madden:            This is so beyond DropBox.

Jack Madden:              And so, so the nex – Maybe I should just save this for my article on Thursday, but the next, the next step I think for them, like for both Citrix and VMWare, is to, is to have a more comprehensive mobile application management solution to go in with their products.  And then that makes, that’d make Horizon much more complete and it’d make the cloud gateway story much more complete.

Brian Madden:            And when you say mobile application – So this is, it’s like Citrix, their follow-me data with that secure data container, is that sort of part of that, or –

Jack Madden:              So, so, so that’s one component of it.  We’d call that the, the like the data management portion, which I, I wrote again and again, like that’s, that’s your very first step baseline requirement for, for enabling mobile functionality.  Because you get some degree of management of your data and you get device native access, and you know, one of, one of the next steps is, is having some sort of application management solution.

                                    This is, this is where this article is, is going to be going, I think.  So I’m curious what, what you guys think.  Because the, there was – The Nukona acquisition a couple of weeks ago –

Brian Madden:            Oh, Symantec bought Nukona.  Yeah.

Jack Madden:              Yeah, yeah.  So with, with the – And then that’s the, like, it makes your own app store, it can take the application packages and sort of wrap security layers around them.  So something like that for, for Citrix and VMWare. 

                                    Then you have the complete package.  You have the data management, you have the Windows applications when you need them, you have the mobile applications when you need them.

Brian Madden:            You know, so that would come back to a good session.  I know you’re doing a session on MDM that I’ve seen you’ll cover some of this kind of stuff.

Jack Madden:              Yeah, yeah.

Brian Madden:            And if we did a broader session that was like you say, that chapter from the book called “Putting It All Together.”

Jack Madden:              Yeah.

Brian Madden:            Where we look at delivering Windows apps as a service, delivering the data, having these integrated devices, authentication across the board.  I mean, you could actually see this happening.  Like this is not some pie-in-the-sky like crazy future land.

Jack Madden:              Yeah, yeah.  That’s like the next step, again, in that “Putting It All Together” chapter in the book.  Like Octopus coming out is one of those steps, and them having like a real mobile application management solution would be –

Brian Madden:            Not device management.  Application management, right?

Jack Madden:              Right, right.  Would be, would be another big step in that process.

Brian Madden:            Cool.  Well we’ll, we’ll continue to look at that.  And I guess,
Jack –

Gabe Knuth:               Oh, that’s right.  We’re having another podcast, right?  Is that where you’re going?  The – We have so much of this stuff to talk about that Jack is gonna run his own consumerization podcast.

Jack Madden:              Yeah, with, with Colin Steele, and we’re gonna have, see what guests we can get on and, and so –

Brian Madden:            Can I just say, Jack Madden as a name and Colin Steele as a name, I mean, you know, Brian Madden, Gabe Knuth, whatever.  But like you guys have it nailed.  You both have like the news –

Jack Madden:              They’re like traditional, like –

Brian Madden:            “Jack Madden and Colin Steele.”  I mean, this is the – Like it’s perfect.

Jack Madden:              We can call it like the, like The Madden/Steele Reports or The Steele/Madden Report.

Gabe Knuth:               Actually, actually, I like that. 

Brian Madden:            Yeah.  Because we gotta find a name for this thing.

Jack Madden:              Colin, if you’re listening, send me an email and see what you think.

Brian Madden:            So Jack asked yesterday on Twitter for people to suggest names for the show, and we got – I liked, I liked the one from Jeff Coyle, who wrote “Jack Your Device.”  A lot of them were all about bringing your device, you know, bring it to BYO show, consumer – I like, I like –Consumer, “Consumerize It,” which is a play on consumerizeIT.  Sort of like consumerize it.  I don’t know.

                                    But so we still – You haven’t finalized on a name yet, right?

Jack Madden:              Yeah, we have awhile.

Brian Madden:            Yeah.  So you’re doing the show next week is the first episode?

Jack Madden:              Yeah.  So it’s, so it’ll – I guess it’ll be the lead-in to this show except it’ll be, it’ll be separate.  There’ll be a break in between so that we can reset it for the new stuff, but we figured we’d do it on Tuesday because we’re –

Gabe Knuth:               So a half-hour show that runs at 9:00 on Pacific time on a Tuesday, and then that’ll give us a half hour to tear down and set up for this show, and –

Jack Madden:              So yeah, Tuesday is podcast day.

Brian Madden:            I don’t like that.  I don’t like having them both on Tuesday.  Let, let’s ask the audience also and maybe we can all ask via Twitter.  Because this seems to me like it would be cool if we spread it out like a Tuesday and a Thursday or Tuesday and Friday or something like that.

Jack Madden:              Yeah, yeah.  But then that means Live would be doing shows two days a week.

Brian Madden:            Well, I don’t care about that.  It doesn’t affect me.  We can give you a microphone for your apartment.  So we’ll, we’ll discuss.

                                    But regardless, though, I like the idea of a show, and I like the idea that I’m not involved in this.  So I’ll back you up.

Gabe Knuth:               Yeah, except I think you just kinda tried to involve yourself.

Jack Madden:              Exactly.  So take that.

Brian Madden:            Oh, oh my gosh, guys.  So we’re out of time.  Look at that.  Gotta, gotta end this right now.  So I’m gonna say from San Francisco, this is Brian Madden and thank you so much for listening to Brian and Gabe and Jack Live, and we will be back next week on Tuesday with our desktop virtualization show and a consumerization show.

Jack Madden:              And hopefully a guest.

Brian Madden:            Hopefully a guest.  A consumerization show will come from Jack at some point next week.

Jack Madden:              Great.

Gabe Knuth:               All righty.  Thanks for listening.  Watching, I guess, too.

Brian Madden:            Thank you.


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