BriForum 2015 - Zen and the Art of Mobile Applications- How Not to Build a -Crapplication-

Zen and the Art of Mobile Applications: How Not to Build a "Crapplication" 
Presented by Brian Katz

Join Brian for an exploration of scenarios on how to build an app for your users. These scenarios take you from a current paper-based/PC-based process all the way through mobilizing these same processes, providing you a framework for building your apps. Learn how to build the right apps for your users applying the FUN process; without having them resort to the FUIT route. Take an inside look at MBaaS and MADP solutions, and look at how to use them to successfully to set yourselves up to be in the mobile app game. Identify when it makes sense to stick with VDI in your mobile tool belt.

Session Takeaway: Learn to apply the FUN principle to building an app, and by exploring the MBaaS solutions, you will be prepared to help your company build apps



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