BriForum 2015 - Windows Rebooted! Why you should move to Windows 10 and its ecosystem


Windows Rebooted! Why you should move to Windows 10 and its ecosystem
Presented by Adnan Hendricks

Are you still not sure whether Windows 10 is for you and your business? This session takes you on a spin around Windows 10, showing you all the latest features and functionality available in this great new operating system. Learn how you can customize and mold it to your needs. See how you can make it do what it’s meant to do: drive you forward and be more productive. This Windows MVP shows you why you don't need to wait to implement and is guaranteed to inspire you to get started immediately after this session.

  • Learn what’s new in the user interface of Windows 10
  • The different deployment options and ways to upgrade
  • Learn the features and functionality that matter (why to move)

Session Takeaway: Windows 10 will be the operating system to move to after XP/Windows 7



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