BriForum 2015 - What It is, Where/How to Use It, and Why Most of What You Hear About It is Wrong

Storage Virtualization: What It is, Where/How to Use It, and Why Most of What You Hear About It is Wrong
Presented by Steve Greenberg and Ruben Spruijt

The next wave that vendors are jumping on, is trying to re-define, and make money on storage virtualization, aka software defined storage. Are you sick and tired of having to navigate and correct FUD? Then consider this session a pre-emptive strike! We’ll get down to the bottom line about what it means, why it matters, and how to use it in your data center and virtualization projects. Starting with a series of questions that ask “Is this Storage Virtualization?" (where the audience can win fun and exciting prizes), we’ll then deep dive into the technology, clear away the FUD, and come to a solid understanding using leading technologies and product examples. Don’t miss this session if you are looking for:

  • Examples of real-world implementations
  • Practical insights into leading products and how to use it

Session Takeaway: Arm yourself with important information that will help you dodge a bullet with the coming wave of vendor BS. You’ll know exactly how to proceed when it comes to storage!



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