BriForum 2015 - VDI v2: So Good that Users Will Think They are Running on Physical Desktops

VDI Version 2: Creating an Experience So Superior, Users Will Think They are Running on Physical Desktops
Presented by Michael Thomason

If you interview any VDI user, you will quickly learn that they both like and loath the solution. It was only in 2014 that a mixture of hardware and software technologies came together so we can finally provide the user a true "desktop-like-experience." In this detailed technical presentation, we unveil layers of the stack: hardware, software, operating systems, networking, storage, protocols, and more to give you the recipe to create a VDI environment that both users and admins will enjoy! Learn about Flash's "who's who," and how it can affect your organization. If you are tired of dealing with user data, Outlook/Office 365 integration issues (such as cached-mode and index search), performance, and management issues, we will discuss how to solve for each of these issues.Learn how to leverage all user data from a central store and stop roaming and streaming your profile data. This will be one of the BIGGEST impacts to login times yet!

We‘ll demonstrate the power of virtual graphic processing units in VDI, and the important role they will play in the future of VDI workloads. Learn how to deploy video-conference solutions through VDI while reducing GPU workloads over 50% per guest! You will see firsthand HD4 video running on a low-end hardware XP desktop with no client software installed other than the required VDI client (i.e. Citrix Receiver, Horizon Client, etc.). This session provides the year’s best opportunity to learn how to:

  • Build and deploy a VDI solution using industry-standard reference architecture that obtains a superior user experience
  • Leverage modern hardware and software integration to solve many VDI "woes"
  • Explore future advances in graphics processing and the affect it will have on the user experience
  • Solve many "user profile" and login time issues

Session Takeaway:Take VDI to the next level and improve the user experience.



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