BriForum 2015 - Understanding vSGA, vDGA, vGPU: When and Where to Use Them

Understanding vSGA, vDGA, vGPU: When and Where to Use Them
Presented by Kenneth Fingerlos

This session dives into the architectural differences, advantages, and disadvantages of 3D support for application and desktop virtualization today and outlines options available to deliver it. Gain a deeper understanding of:

  • When Software 3D is the best choice
  • How vSGA and vGPU are different
  • When you need vDGA
  • Hyper-v
  • How to decide which is the right fit

Session Takeaway: Gain a clear understanding of why you need 3D support and the options available to deliver it. More importantly, walk out of this session with an understanding of the different options, and how to select the one that makes the most sense for your environment.



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