BriForum 2015 - The Packet Games: Analytics and Troubleshooting On The Wire

The Packet Games: Analytics and Troubleshooting On The Wire
Presented by Mike Nelson and John Smith

Troubleshooting applications, services, and infrastructure in your environment is no easy task, especially in today's ultra-complex world of hardware virtualization, application virtualization, and hybrid clouds, just to name a few. Just looking at logs is no longer a collective way to troubleshoot issues. This can also be said for obtaining and understanding analytics and performance data for those same scenarios. In this session, we'll take a hard look at methods and technologies to help provide that data, and troubleshoot your application and infrastructure issues. Learn how traversing the lower L2 & L3 bits and bytes, along with the higher layer 4 and 7 data, gives you a more complete understanding of what is really going on, and how you can remediate and resolve the issues you have today. Examine real world issues and learn which methods and tools to use to get to the real source of the problems. Explore the realities of the Internet of Things ("IoT") and how having multiple devices with IP addresses on the network will make it difficult to depend on small-kernelled operating systems to have enhanced logging capabilities, much less the capacity for an agent. Attendees will understand:

  • How gathering data from multiple sources, including the lower and upper layer data, can help you remediate and resolve the issues you have today
  • How the IoT devices going are to be handled when it comes to troubleshooting and analytics
  • Methods, techniques, and tools to use to collect and combine your data into an easy to read, functional, and simple matrix for analytics and troubleshooting
  • To make the case on how gathering and analyzing this data can help everyone resolve issues and move on

Session Takeaway: Become a wire data rock star! Walk away with a better understanding on how to look deeper into your networks, down to the wire data, to troubleshoot a wide range of issues and provide amazing analytics and statistics for your environments.



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