BriForum 2015 - The Hidden Benefits of RDP 8 on Windows Server 2012.

The Hidden Benefits of RDP 8 on Windows Server 2012. Finally, Client Connection Metrics Come to RDS
Presented by Andy Milford

When RDS admins think about RDP 8 in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, they most often overlook the rich instrumentation, logging, and diagnostics that Windows 2012 admins can now use to determine all sorts of characteristics about each RDP 8.0 client connection. The single biggest challenge RDS admins face is determining whether connectivity issues are isolated to a single client or several of them. While Windows 2012 and 8 provide a wealth of diagnostic information about RDP 8 client connections, this information is scattered across various performance counters and event log entries, and is not easy to correlate in terms of the username or IP address of the client connection. This session provides a basic review of the new features available in the RDP 8.0 protocol, and at the end of this session, you will receive a URL for scripts and cmdlets free of charge.The session uncovers hidden benefits of RDP 8 on Windows Server 2012, including:

  • How to correlate metrics with specific user sessions by username given a winstation name, and how to figure out which counter to examine based on the negotiated transport protocol (UDP vs. TCP) of that session
  • Which client devices and operating system levels are required to support RDP 8.0, including the RDP 8.0 update for Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Where to find event log information on a Windows 2012 server
  • Tracking things like Round Trip Time (RTT), Current Bandwidth, Loss Rate, and Retransmission Rate using the new performance counters available in Windows Server 2012 that
  • Using PowerShell scripts to automate the correlation and collection of the above metrics, and generate alerts based on certain thresholds that are met

Session Takeaway: Learn how moving to the Windows Server 2012 platform can help quickly diagnose connectivity issues, and with the use of PowerShell scripts, help you build a repository of client connection quality information and monitors that can alert you to connectivity problems.



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