BriForum 2015 - The App Whisperer (Latest Techniques in Sequencing)

The App Whisperer (Latest Techniques in Sequencing)
Presented by Tim Mangan and Patrick Mangan

Everyone can agree that the worst part of delivering desktops is the apps. In this session, Tim shows you the latest techniques to prepare and analyze apps virtualized using Microsoft App-V augmented by free tools. When you learn to use these techniques, you will be able to spot apps requiring re-sequencing due to issues not raised by the sequencer, find out when special deployment options (such as publishing to computer accounts) are needed, understand app extension limitations, and know when apps require testing in connection groups due to the existence of browser or office limitations are present. To become an app whisperer, you must learn:

  • Recommended practices for virtual app sequencing
  • How to detect common cross-app interactions
  • New tools necessary to detect issues affecting virtual apps

Session Takeaway: Walk away with a better understanding of app virtualization and apply the techniques you’ve learned right away.



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