BriForum 2015 -SCCM 2012: Managing User Experience Now, or Are We Still Managing Devices?

Configuration Manager 2012: Is This How We Make a User-Centric Experience, or Are We Still Managing Devices?
Presented by Kevin Kaminski

Configuration Manager is an industry standard for Windows device management. With the 2012 release, a number of enhancements have been made to modernize a product with a lengthy legacy. Configuration Manager supports a variety of operating systems and device form factors, along with cloud capabilities. But what does this all mean? This session covers some of the highlights of Configuration Manager, but more importantly, it dives into the more difficult questions when managing users and devices using Configuration Manager. We highlight when Configuration makes sense for application delivery and when other solutions should be considered. Often the user experience is not fully accounted for, especially in VDI and complex installations. As a result, there are different solutions and techniques to cope with the product behavior. For example, when deploying Microsoft application virtualization packages, how does the application model differ from tradition App-V deployment using the management server? We’ll cover these common scenarios that we find in the field when supporting Configuration Manager. Attendees will:

  • Understand the key challenges with RDS and VDI for Configuration Manager
  • See how App-V packages need global publishing that is user targeted
  • Understand why Office 2013 click-to-run is lacking
  • See where user device affinity makes sense
  • See the user experience in detail to understand some of the lacking elements in the experience

Session Takeaway: This session will answer some age old questions about App-V with or without SCCM. Attendees will also understand other issues with CM application delivery that administrators may not have even thought about.



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