BriForum 2015 - Pods, Blocks, HCI, UCI...WTF?: Making Sense of All the Convergence Hype

Pods, Blocks, HCI, UCI...WTF?: Making Sense of All the Convergence Hype
Presented by Nick Rintalan and Dan Allen

First, we had pod architectures, vBlocks, and FlexPods. Then, along came converged infrastructure and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Now, Citrix has announced Ultra Converged Infrastructure (UCI). What does all of this mean? This session digs into the differences between classic pod architectures, HCI and UCI. We bust through the marketing hype to uncover the real technical solutions behind popular HCI/UCI offerings, such as EVO:RAIL and WorkspacePOD. This session helps you to:

  • Explore key differences between pod architectures and converged infrastructure
  • Understand key differences between HCI and UCI
  • Find out what's really "behind" EVO:RAIL and WorkspacePOD

Session Takeaway: In a marketing-free space, gain a comprehensive understanding of HCI/UCI and compare popular offerings from VMW and Citrix.



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