BriForum 2015 - New Insights and Advanced Deployment Tips for Azure RemoteApp

New Insights and Advanced Deployment Tips for Azure RemoteApp, Directly from the Microsoft Engineering Team
Presented by Eric Orman and Vladimir Stoyanov

In the time since the initial release of Azure RemoteApp in 2014, Microsoft’s engineering team has learned A LOT from their customers. They will use this session at BriForum to share the info you need to successfully evaluate and deploy it yourself. Want to know the best way to plan and execute a deployment? Which common mistakes to avoid? We will be taking a look under the hood, focusing on the live site service data and customer/technical insights that you can't get from anyone other than the MS engineering team. Get an inside look at:

  • How Azure RemoteApp works (service elasticity, billing, client authentication, etc.)
  • Deployment planning - overview of process as well as specific tips
  • New and upcoming Azure RemoteApp capabilities
  • Cool demos anyone can do

Session Takeaway: You'll be a participant in the first 300-level session we've done on Azure RemoteApp, and it will be fresh, targeted and technical.Plus, you won’t find this information anywhere else than at BriForum!



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