BriForum 2015 - Low-Level Print Analysis: A Deep Dive Into Windows Printing

Low-Level Print Analysis: A Deep Dive Into Windows Printing
Presented by Christoph Hammer

Printing is one of the biggest pains in a SBC type environment and this is your chance for find out why. This session takes a deep, dark look into Windows printing. Why do your document files explode into monster print files? We open up the EMF print file to explore why it needs to be so large. We move into how and what Citrix operates in this process, and its resulting EMF file. Knowing how and why you have these issues wouldn’t be useful unless you know how to manage them. This session arms you with tips and tricks to manage printing in SBC. You will learn:

  • Why there such data growth through the print process
  • Windows print process dependencies
  • Windows EMF data analysis
  • Spooler issues and fault finding
  • Tips and tricks for print management

Session Takeaway: For anyone tasked with printer management or issues in your SBC environments, this session is perfect for you. Gain an advanced understanding of how printing is impacting so many infrastructure services from network saturation to user experience.



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