BriForum 2015 London - Thorsten Rood - XenMobile 10 Deep Dive Demo With Notes From the Field


XenMobile 10 Deep Dive Demo With Notes From the Field
Presented by Thorsten Rood

This session covers the XenMobile product line-up from provisioning and onboarding users up to all app functionality and ecosystem insights. While running through the procedure in true real time, you’ll gain a deep technology insight into how all the moving parts play together and unleash the power of mobile work styles. This is a technology mix that ranges from NetScaler to application authentication mechanisms and the MDX architecture, plus of course all the Worx apps. Thorsten will include the most relevant notes from the field and provide you with best practice to make your users actually happy while maintaining a high level of security and integrity for the whole platform.

  • Complete product understanding
  • State of the art configuration and architecture
  • Details how real-world needs make it into production settings
  • Uncover most commonly overlooked details

Session Takeaway: This experienced session is being held in its third year and its approximately 7th generation now, updated to the latest version of shipping technology.



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