BriForum 2015 London - Shawn Bass - Cloud Data Security: Separating Fact from Fiction


Cloud Data Security: Separating Fact from Fiction
Presented by Shawn Bass

The use of cloud solutions continues to rise at a dramatic rate. Beyond the simple file sharing solutions like Box, Dropbox, etc. and email (Office365, GMail, etc), more and more companies are taking to the cloud for other things, like their online accounting, tax filing, CRM systems, ERP systems, etc. While the use of these systems continues to rise, so does the risk of data loss, compromise, etc. As companies continue to try to control access to these systems, simply blocking access isn't a solution to the problem. This session will cover:

  • Methods of protecting cloud data
  • Impact to the cloud platform from these protection mechanisms
  • Impacts and side effects to the end users when using these protection mechanisms

Session Takeaway: Learn learn different methods to protect cloud data and discuss the pros and cons of these different methods.



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