BriForum 2015 London - Jarian Gibson & Dane Young - What can Citrix Workspace Cloud do for you?


What can Citrix Workspace Cloud do for you?
Presented by Jarian GibsonDane Young

With the Citrix Workspace Cloud (CWC) solution, the way we approach deployments and lifecycle management will change. CWC will allow deployment of different services and fulfill a variety of different customer needs. CWC is the next evolution in how we deploy the Citrix stack of products. CWC is not only for those who want Citrix to manage the control plane, but also brings lifecycle management to your environment. In this session we will go over:

  • Overview of CWC Architecture and Services
  • The value it brings
  • How it changes deployments
  • How it changes lifecycle management
  • Cloud vs On Premises deployments
  • Demos, demos, and more demos

Session Takeaway: Attendees will learn more about CWC from people who have been in early access beta and giving feedback to Citrix about it. Get our insights and thoughts on the solution.



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