BriForum 2015 London - Helge Klein - How Group Policy Impacts Logon Performance


How Group Policy Impacts Logon Performance
Presented by Helge Klein

Group Policy is used extensively in enterprises both small and large to configure and secure desktops and applications. It is generally considered a powerful and reliable tool, (but a little cumbersome at times). But what about performance? Which CSEs/modules should be avoided? How does the number of GPOs affect logon duration? Is loopback processing slow? Are WMI filters really that bad? If you are seeking answers to these and other nagging issues, this session is designed for you.  You will learn:

  • Architecture decisions affecting logon performance
  • Which settings to avoid
  • How to speed up user logons by optimizing Group Policy

Session Takeaway: You’ll be a superhero when you can make logons faster.



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