BriForum 2015 London - Helge Klein - Dissecting the XenApp / XenDesktop Logon Process


Dissecting the XenApp / XenDesktop Logon Process
Presented by Helge Klein

Troubleshooting Windows user logons can be daunting. Many different things happen, some in parallel, others one after another. The Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent adds even more processes, DLLs, and hooks. But fear not, and don’t be intimidated! When you are armed with the right set of tools and techniques, logons can actually be fun to deal with. In this session, you will explore what exactly happens during a logon and learn how to troubleshoot performance and functionality issues. Discussion will focus on:

  • The mechanics of a XenApp/XenDesktop logon process
  • Top troubleshooting tool
  • Techniques to speed up user logons

Session Takeaway: Everyone agrees that slow logons are one of the preeminent challenges in server-based computing!  Learning how to combat this might be worth the trip to BriForum alone!



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