BriForum 2015 London - Brian Madden - VDI Storage in 2015


VDI Storage in 2015
Presented by Brian Madden

The past few years have been huge for storage in VDI. Now that pretty much every storage vendor can support persistent disk images, we found that storage is no longer an architectural blocking issue for VDI. Unfortunately we have now swung over to a "paradox of choice" with so many storage vendors and technologies to choose from, each which enable even more choice when it comes to how we design our VDI environments. In this session, Brian will use the current VDI storage landscape to frame conversations around:

  • ​​Persistent versus non-persistent VDI images.
  • RDSH versus VDI and the impact storage has on that decision.
  • "Hardware" storage versus "software" storage versus "virtual" storage solutions.
  • Whether storage technology matters? (SSD, disk, memory, caching, etc.)
  • Whether IOPS matter anymore?
  • "In box" storage from Citrix, VMware, etc. versus paying for third party storage.
  • Real world 2015 storage costs per user
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