BriForum 2015 - Lego for Geeks: Hardware Building Blocks for Great VDI Test Labs


Lego for Geeks: Hardware Building Blocks for Great VDI Test Labs
Presented by Benny Tritsch

Building your own benchmarking lab can be both painful and expensive. On average, two out of three lab components will not work as expected and it will take months or even years to identify the right building blocks. Join Benny Tritsch in this session where he walks you through his list of lab equipment that proved to work--and the components he eliminated. Get expert guidance on how to build a great test lab from white label servers, WAN emulators, frame grabbers, video cameras, audio recorders, and test clients.

  • Learn from the expert how to identify the hardware components needed for a great test lab
  • Understand how WAN emulators and frame grabbers work in test scenarios
  • Gain insight into common methodologies used by researchers and scientists to build test environments

Session Takeaway: Many IT pros and developers in the virtualisation market don't know how to build solid test environments, allowing them to produce results on a quality level that convinces vendors and market analysts. Benny Tritsch is a physicist and computer scientist who worked in research for ten years. In his session, he will share the methodologies he learned to select the right hardware components for great test setups.



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