BriForum 2015 - Know Your Enemies: Analysis of Applications for Virtualisation Projects


Know Your Enemies: Analysis of Applications for Virtualisation Projects
Presented by James Rankin

Most projects that I work on have one common factor: none of them have any idea of the true scope of the applications that are within their estate. This session will focus on what you need to know about each application and discuss technical solutions that are available to solve the problem of application analysis. It will include a demonstration of a real-world implementation of a successful(ish!) application analysis phase and how it benefited the overall project. Technological solutions that can be used to gather the information required

  • Common problems that can be avoided when analysing applications
  • Some tips and tricks to doing the analysis quicker and more effectively

Session Takeaway: To learn from real-world experiences about issues that can arise from improperly analysed application estates, and possible technological solutions to speed up analysis. Attendees can brag about how they will probably need subtitles to understand my north-eastern accent!



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