BriForum 2015 - ICA Protocol explained - HDX, DCR, H.264, Framehawk, Compatibility Encoder, and more


ICA Protocol Confusion - HDX, DCR, H.264, Framehawk, Compatibility Encoder, Legacy Mode, WTF is going on with ICA?
Presented by Dan Allen and Amit Ben-Chanoch

The Citrix ICA protocol has been around for 20+ years and has recently undergone some significant changes. In the past ICA didn’t require too much configuration other than tweaking a policy or two around multimedia redirection or progressive/adaptive display. But beginning with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x and later, ICA has completely evolved and is no longer a single display protocol, but rather a wrapper that supports multiple disparate rendering engines. If you have deployed XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x and later and have encountered numerous and unexpected challenges, this session is a must-attend!  We will explain why these issues are occurring due to changes in the default ICA rendering engine and explore how you can resolve these issues by changing the rendering engine used. This session is a complete, comprehensive deep dive into all of the latest changes with the ICA protocol to help you understand how each of the primary rendering engines actually works, and identify when you should or shouldn’t use each particular rendering engine. Discussion will focus on:

  • Deep dive on each of the ICA rendering engines: Legacy, H.264, Compatibility, Desktop Composition Redirection, etc.
  • Server side and client side CPU and Bandwidth impact for each of the ICA rendering engines
  • Client side and server side requirements for each rendering engine
  • Details on how to configure which ICA rendering engine is used
  • Details on selecting the correct ICA rendering engine under various situations

Session Takeaway: You will walk out of this session with a deep understanding of all the new ICA rendering engines. You’ll know how to configure them, and how to identify when you should (or should not) pick a particular rendering engine for a given situation.



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