BriForum 2015 - How to do Image Optimisation the Right Way


The Community-Driven Desktop Virtualisation Best Practice Analyser; How to do Image Optimisation the Right Way
Presented by Kees Baggerman

How many desktop virtualisation projects have you done? How many times have you done image optimisations, adding registry keys, setting services, etc.? How about a tool that makes this all easy and straightforward to do? We've built a desktop virtualisation best practice analyser that will check any outstanding optimisations and will fix this for you, if needed. We want this to be completely community-driven, so if you find a useful addition to the list, you can go to our website and submit the suggestion. It will be added to the definition file which you can download and use in the Desktop Virtualisation Best Practice Analyser.

Session Takeaway: Image optimisation can be a royal pain. This tool can help you as it’s community driven, constantly updated, and built to be used cross platform.



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