BriForum 2015 - How to Use PowerShell Desired State Configuration to Automate Your Environment

One Server to Rule Them All: How to Use PowerShell Desired State Configuration to Automate Your Environment
Presented by Adam Platt

Join us for an exploration of PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC): a powerful tool for control and automation of a Windows server environment. Topics to be covered include: a review of the DSC architecture, its requirements, and the steps necessary to configure the pull server and its clients. DSC is available in all modern versions of Windows and provides centralized administration of server farms from a single console without requiring additional costly software. You will explore the different resource types available for use with DSC, such as files, registry keys, and environment variables, and see practical examples for deploying resources and maintaining configuration via DSC.

  • Become the “all seeing eye” of your infrastructure with one console to rule them all
  • Save time and money by automating server deployment and configuration operations with native Windows tools
  • Easily monitor and control configuration drift in large scale environments
  • Create master configurations that rule entire server farm.

Session Takeaway: Without spending money on expensive add-ons, you will be able to marshal an entire XenApp farm with military efficiency, monitor your environment for configuration drift from a single console, with the option to auto-correct, and deploy configuration changes to a large number of machines simply by modifying a central configuration repository.



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