BriForum 2015 - How I Swapped My Execs' iPads and Laptops with Surface Pro 3s, And Lived!

The #SurfaceChallenge: I Took Away My Executives' iPads and Laptops, Gave them Surface Pro 3s, And Lived to Tell About It!
Presented by Zach Hughes

Back in 2013, Zach Hughes told the audience at BriForum Chicago that Windows tablets were a better platform for mobility than iPads+EMM. Today, he is the first to admit that he had the right idea, but that he may have been a bit ahead of his time. Fast forward to 2015 and the world has changed. The Surface is a billion dollar business. Android tablets and iPads posted their first ever sales decline. Join Zach at this session to see how Wells Fargo deployed thousands of Windows tablets to their mobile workforce, and how they put out the #SurfaceChallenge, asking executives to trade-in their iPad and laptop for a Surface Pro 3. This session details the approach and strategy that made this successful. Discover how to capitalize on the new popularity of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to transform your end user computing/mobility strategy into something that works well for both the business and for IT. You will learn:

  • How to use the consumerization of IT to your advantage rather than fight it
  • Run a successful Windows tablet rollout
  • Why and how to build an iterative rapid prototyping process for end user computing devices
  • Think strategically about what workloads to optimize for smartphones vs. tablets
  • Think strategically about endpoints, virtualization, remoting, and native execution

Session Takeaway: Discover an approach to mobile tablet computing that is cost-effective, secure, manageable, and productive for the majority of enterprises. Learn how to modernize the way your prototype and cycle through devices.



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