BriForum 2015 - EUC Layering Smackdown: Comparing AppVolumes, Unidesk, FlexApp, and Mirage

EUC Layering Smackdown: Comparing AppVolumes, Unidesk, FlexApp, and Mirage
Presented by Earl Gay

Layering technologies can help ease application management for both physical and virtual desktops. There are many different technologies that fall under the layering umbrella, even though many of them work in dramatically different ways. In this session, we discuss the options available from different vendors, the history of layering, and where we predict layering is headed, as well as deep dives on the layering leaders' methodologies, advantages, and limitations. Layering products that will be discussed are: VMware App Volumes, Unidesk, Liquidware Labs FlexApp, VMware Mirage, and Unidesk. We’ll also discuss:

  • The history and predicted future of EUC Layering
  • The similarities and differences between all of the different products that are in the layering space
  • Success stories of using layering within company EUC environments

Session Takeaway: Attendees will get an unbiased breakdown of the smorgasbord of layering solutions that are being pitched as the panacea of application management. This session helps attendees understand and identify which solution most fits their requirements without any marketing voodoo.



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