BriForum 2015 Denver is under way! Watch Brian Madden's Keynote Address

Brian Madden kicked off BriForum 2015 Denver—the 18th BriForum—earlier today. Here's his keynote address where he covers his view on the state of the industry.

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What?  *STILL* using Flash for videos. Yikes.


Oh believe me I want HTML5 videos as much as you!!

Luckily all the videos are in Brightcove in formats that can be streamed in any format, so once we get the site updated, then all the videos will instantly be available via HTML5 players.

However we've been trying to get the site updated ever since TechTarget bought us. :) (We moved to the current site platform in Oct 2008, TechTarget bought us in Nov 2008.) For the past few years they've been telling us that "we're next," so fingers crossed!!!!


3 more BriForums and will be allowed to consume alcohol ;-)

Seriously though, you should stop counting BriForums in amazement. BriForum is here to stay, and is a mainstay of this industry


When should we expect to see the breakout sessions getting posted?

I cant attend 2 at a time, but I was hoping to view some before the conference is over so I could ask questions.



Expect sessions posted within two weeks.