BriForum 2015 Denver - Simon May - Why Your Approach to BYOD Stinks

Why Your Approach to BYOD Stinks
Presented by Simon May

If you work in the typical IT department, you’re probably wrestling with a BYOD project or implementation. The idea is to enable people to bring their own devices so they can be productive on those devices anywhere. I’d place money on your top brass really wanting you to let them do that. I’d also double down that your compliance/auditors/regulators want you to put controls over what users can do on those devices, and I bet that’s where your users draw the line and tell you to foxtrot-Oscar! Many organizations approach BYOD as if they have a sense of entitlement over ownership of the device, but today’s workforce–especially the younger workforce–won’t have it. They will go elsewhere to work or they will just not enroll their device. Learn why and how you can build the infrastructure to do what the top brass really wants: make the organization productive without sacrificing what the user really wants– THEIR device, their life, their way of working, and their personal productivity. This session will cover how:

  • Data containerization and application management are the keys to success.
  • Identity is the key foundation for success in any systems management project
  • Devices don't matter (except to everyone!)

Session Takeaway: You will leave this session with a comprehensive understanding of the future of the device management industry. You’ll know what skills you will need to embrace, and you'll see a Microsoft guy using an iPad and Android device!



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