BriForum 2015 Denver - Rick Agnew - Strategies to Optimize Your VDI OS Gold Images

Strategies to Optimize Your VDI OS Gold Images
Presented by Rick Agnew

Image management often becomes a major focus of VDI deployments, but you shouldn't spend all your time tweaking and redeploying golden images. Join us for an exploration of system tools and techniques to optimize Windows desktop OS performance, and reduce image size resulting in reduced SAN storage requirements. This presentation starts with a generic Windows desktop OS installation with all updates applied, and describes methodologies to optimize to a final gold master image. Discover why these optimization strategies have achieved 7 second workstation and server boot times as well as significant general overall O/S performance improvement. This process utilizes Windows system and third party utilities and will show youhow to:

  • Transform enterprise IT to be a member of the enterprise consumer community
  • Delete Windows update files (750 MB to 5 GB)
  • Clean the transactional metadata (typically 750 MB)
  • Eliminate Windows junk files (100's of MB)
  • Clean, defragment and compact the registry (by as much as 20%)
  • Optimize the Windows environment for VDI including numerous configuration and registry modifications
  • Eliminate unused hidden devices from Windows device manager
  • Increase VM and application performance by optimizing reads and writes for increased bandwidth to VMs
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